Confessions of a Time Traveling Child

Andrew Basiago is a lawyer and a journalist from Vancouver, who also claims to have discovered life on Mars and to have been part of a secret government project as a child that involved regular time-travel. It looks like Andrew has been making these claims since 2008, but a recent surge in attention to his […]

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A Win for Science: AA Wont Air Antivax Interview

A little protest was ignited among skeptics this week when it was announced that American Airlines would be playing an antivax interview in-flight as well as publishing the interview in their magazine. The interview is with a woman named Meryl Dorey, queen of the quacks, who asserts anti-scientific claims about vaccines causing autism and DNA alterations and […]

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Acupuncture in the Military

There’s something particularly galling about military veterans receiving substandard medical care. In the United States, citizens have shown an especially low tolerance for it. There are expectations that, in exchange for their sacrifice, those who served will be given the best quality healthcare that taxpayer money can buy. This is illustrated by the outrage over news reports featuring […]

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Deepak Chopra’s Next Festival of Nonsense – Sages and Scientists

Deepak Chopra is hosting a conference called “Sages and Scientists” from March 3 to March 5 in Carlsbad, CA. The conference, according to the Chopra Foundation’s website, claims to “search for a single reality that embraces science and wisdom”. The conference will feature guest speakers, meals, yoga and an awards ceremony. The cost of general registration […]

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