Earthquake Predictions, Small Slice of the Crazy

A super earthquake is coming on the 22nd of March and, of course, it is only the beginning. Jeez, the world has been ending a lot lately… What we have here is another nutty nutter using super-wacko-pseudoscience to make off-the-wall predictions he isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, qualified to make. Whew, had to […]

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Worlds First Asparamancer, A Self-Fulfilling Parody

Jemima Packington, 56, claims to be the world’s first Asparamancer. That’s not a typo. Packington makes predictions about the future using asparagus. Finally, a vegan method of divination. See the future, with a heart healthy, PETA approved meal. Packington says that she first discovered her fortune telling abilities when a bowl of asparagus fell over, […]

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