Ghost Hunters Flashlight Trick Exposed

A trick commonly used by ghost hunters to “communicate” with ghosts has been expertly debunked by YouTube user, Verklagekasper. The trick consists of a ghost hunter turning the head of a flashlight so that it is just between on and off, then laying that flashlight down and asking questions at the “spirits”. The light will then […]

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Minute Physics: Little Physics Bits In Little Time

Here is a video series called Minute Physics. Each video is about a minute long and gives a little physics lesson. The creator of the videos uses little hand drawn animations to teach awesome physics facts. There are 40 videos on the Minute Physics YouTube channel as of now. Subscribe and be educated.

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E-Cat, Cold Fusion Claims, 20th Century Alchemy

Italian crackpot, Andrea Rossi, has created what he claims is a cold-fusion reactor which is capable of outputting many times more energy than is put in. He has named the reactor E-Cat, short for energy catalyzer, and estimates energy output of eight times the energy input. The fuel used is powdered nickle and hydrogen stimulated to […]

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