94th Birthday of Richard Feynman

Today would have been the 94th birthday of physicist Richard Feynman. Feynman was, of course, one of the most influential physicists of our time, but he was also more than that. He was a philosopher-scientist, the kind of thinker that would go to great lengths to put his terrific sum of knowledge into perspective for […]

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A Win for Science: AA Wont Air Antivax Interview

A little protest was ignited among skeptics this week when it was announced that American Airlines would be playing an antivax interview in-flight as well as publishing the interview in their magazine. The interview is with a woman named Meryl Dorey, queen of the quacks, who asserts anti-scientific claims about vaccines causing autism and DNA alterations and […]

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Tennessee Passes Anti-Science Education Law

For the past few weeks there has been news about another anti-science education bill making the rounds in Tennessee. This bill, like the many others being proposed all over the country, pretends to be for the expansion of science education by pretending that there is conflict and controversy in the sciences. In reality, it is […]

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2012 Pigasus Awards

The Pigasus Awards are “awards” given out each year by the JREF. The awards are given to people who are peddlers of woo and mysticism. They are a fun way to raise awareness about some of societies most disgusting offenders to reality. The Pigasus Award Wikipedia entry has more info and a list of previous […]

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This is so cool. A supernova has just exploded in M95… well, four days ago (3-4-2012), but now we can see photos of it. M95 is a spiral galaxy about 38 million light years away from us. The supernova is a type II. Just think about how much energy is being released. The star is […]

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Heartland Institutes Anti-Science Scandal

The Heartland Institute, a right-wing propaganda machine, has just been exposed. Several days ago a few damning internal documents leaked to the press showing the institutes future plans to sow confusion within science education for political motives. Heartland is denying the authenticity of the most damning of them, but new information is pointing to the […]

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Another Assault on Your Freedom, Help Stop ACTA

ACTA stands for “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”, it is another attempt by the same people who brought you SOPA and PIPA to control the internet, censor free speech, and take away basic human rights. This time the attack isn’t limited to one country. ACTA is a multi-national trade agreement that if passed will create a new […]

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Listen To A Jurassic-Era Cricket

Scientists from Bristol University have reconstructed the sound of a cricket from a very well preserved fossil. The fossil dates to 165 million years ago, the middle of the Jurassic era. Re-creation of Jurassic Cricket song, from Bristol University in the UK by qparker Crickets produce their song by stridulation, the  rubbing of body parts to […]

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By Beercha on Flickr

Dating Websites May Not Be As Effective As Claimed

A recent study published with Association For Psychological Science shows that online dating websites may not be the effective matchmakers they claim. In particular the study focuses on the reliability of matching algorithms, like those found at eHarmony and OkCupid, and the psychological consequences of making use of dating sites. Dating websites focus heavily on “matching algorithms” and often […]

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