Reason Rally Video Roundup

If you’re like me, you might be foolishly missing out on what looks like one of the best events of this year. The 2012 Reason Rally in Washington DC. The Reason Rally is a yearly meetup of non-religious people to celebrate a life of reason, free from the tyranny of religion. This year’s list of […]

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Heartland Institutes Anti-Science Scandal

The Heartland Institute, a right-wing propaganda machine, has just been exposed. Several days ago a few damning internal documents leaked to the press showing the institutes future plans to sow confusion within science education for political motives. Heartland is denying the authenticity of the most damning of them, but new information is pointing to the […]

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Teach Global Warming Denial With Creationism, They Say

Oklahoma is next on the list of states to take a shot at education. Senate Bill 1742, introduced by Josh Brecheen, is attempting to ruin science education as a whole. The bill tries for the usual teaching of creationism but goes further to request teaching global warming denialism, and even mentions human cloning. Really, how much […]

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