Confessions of a Time Traveling Child

Andrew Basiago is a lawyer and a journalist from Vancouver, who also claims to have discovered life on Mars and to have been part of a secret government project as a child that involved regular time-travel. It looks like Andrew has been making these claims since 2008, but a recent surge in attention to his […]

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A Win for Science: AA Wont Air Antivax Interview

A little protest was ignited among skeptics this week when it was announced that American Airlines would be playing an antivax interview in-flight as well as publishing the interview in their magazine. The interview is with a woman named Meryl Dorey, queen of the quacks, who asserts anti-scientific claims about vaccines causing autism and DNA alterations and […]

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Charlie’s Derangels

ABC Nightline is doing a special report tonight, April 5 2012, on exorcism as part of their series Faith Matters. The special will focus on many aspects of the religious practice of exorcism but one of the main points of focus will be three young women in Phoenix Arizona, who fancy themselves demon hunters. The […]

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Why So Scandalous? More Psychic Nonsense.

Sally Morgan is Britain’s most popular psychic, and she is in the middle of a scandal that indicates she may be a fraud. Gasp! How could it be so? The scandal here is that Sally Morgan seems to have been “contacted” by a fictional character from a TV show. A reporter created a blog page […]

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E-Cat, Cold Fusion Claims, 20th Century Alchemy

Italian crackpot, Andrea Rossi, has created what he claims is a cold-fusion reactor which is capable of outputting many times more energy than is put in. He has named the reactor E-Cat, short for energy catalyzer, and estimates energy output of eight times the energy input. The fuel used is powdered nickle and hydrogen stimulated to […]

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