Stephen Colbert Slams Don McLeroy

Don McLeroy is a dentist from Bryan, Texas who has served on the Texas State Board of Education. Don is a creationist, the kind that believes the earth is 6000 years old and that humans lived with dinosaurs until a magic flood killed them. It goes without saying that such a person is completely disconnected […]

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Tennessee Passes Anti-Science Education Law

For the past few weeks there has been news about another anti-science education bill making the rounds in Tennessee. This bill, like the many others being proposed all over the country, pretends to be for the expansion of science education by pretending that there is conflict and controversy in the sciences. In reality, it is […]

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Teach Global Warming Denial With Creationism, They Say

Oklahoma is next on the list of states to take a shot at education. Senate Bill 1742, introduced by Josh Brecheen, is attempting to ruin science education as a whole. The bill tries for the usual teaching of creationism but goes further to request teaching global warming denialism, and even mentions human cloning. Really, how much […]

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Gutenberg Bible

Another Attack on Education

On January 10 the Missouri House of Representatives introduced house bill 1227 which will require equal treatment of the theory of natural selection and creationism. The bill was sponsored by Rick Brattin. This insanity isn’t new. Bills of this kind pop up regularly, this reveals a deep flaw in the education system in America. The fact that absolute nonsense […]

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