Charlie’s Derangels

ABC Nightline is doing a special report tonight, April 5 2012, on exorcism as part of their series Faith Matters. The special will focus on many aspects of the religious practice of exorcism but one of the main points of focus will be three young women in Phoenix Arizona, who fancy themselves demon hunters. The […]

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Joseph Kony 2012

Be sure to read the important update at the bottom of this post. There is a powerful viral video making the rounds on the web. It’s called Kony 2012, it’s thirty minutes long, it’s sensational and moving, and it has one goal. The video aims to make a man named Joseph Kony the most popular […]

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Kidnapped for Christ: A Documentary

Below is a trailer for a new full length documentary called Kidnapped for Christ. The movie shows the horrors of an Evangelical Christian reform school called Escuela Caribe, in the Dominican Republic. The school is a “boot camp” for troubled American teens. The way “troubled” is used here is the Evangelical interpretation and encompasses behaviors such at teens […]

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Children, Perfect Victims

A recent news story by ABC News captures a disturbing form of child abuse taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Evangelical Christian churches are accusing children of witchcraft and of possessing demons and then performing public exorcisms on them for money. The exorcisms, ABC claims, are too graphic to be shown on […]

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