Stephen Colbert Slams Don McLeroy

Don McLeroy is a dentist from Bryan, Texas who has served on the Texas State Board of Education. Don is a creationist, the kind that believes the earth is 6000 years old and that humans lived with dinosaurs until a magic flood killed them. It goes without saying that such a person is completely disconnected […]

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Stephen Colbert (Out of Character) talks with Neil Tyson

Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson for 70 minutes. This isn’t the typical Stephen Colbert interview, he isn’t assuming the character he is is known for on The Colbert Report, though, he still injects this kind of humor. The conversation that unfolds between these two is very interesting, they cover a wide variety of topics; everything […]

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The Coriolis Effect, The Equator, And A Tale Of Deception

The Coriolis effect is the apparent deflection of a moving object as it moves in relation to a rotating surface. The classic example is people on a merry-go-round who throw a ball back and forth. If they are not spinning the ball will travel from from one person to the other. If they are spinning it will look like […]

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Adam Savage’s TED Talk

Adam Savage gave a TED talk for TED Education, this talk is the launch of a new video series “Inventions That Shaped History”. Just when you think this guy couldn’t get any more awesome… This talk is short, but mighty, it’s only 7 minutes or so. In that time Adam explains a few amazing scientific […]

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Minute Physics: Little Physics Bits In Little Time

Here is a video series called Minute Physics. Each video is about a minute long and gives a little physics lesson. The creator of the videos uses little hand drawn animations to teach awesome physics facts. There are 40 videos on the Minute Physics YouTube channel as of now. Subscribe and be educated.

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Critical Thinking: A Video Series for Children

I just found a new video series for teaching critical thinking to children. I discovered it over at Phil Plait’s blog, Bad Astronomy (A super good blog, really, visit it). The video series is created by TechNyou, a science education website from the Australian government. Additional resources for the videos can be found here. The […]

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Adam Savage Talks About Failure at TAM 7

Adam Savage gave a talk at TAM 7 this year about the importance of failure.  We all know Adam Savage from the spectacular show Mythbusters, but he is a hero among us skeptinerds for his activism in skepticism as well. In this most recent talk at TAM Adam points out that when we look at […]

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2011 Google Science Fair Winners – TED Talk

This is a TED talk from last years winners of the Google Science Fair. These super inspirational kids talk about their winning projects. The quality of these projects and experiments is just amazing. Kids like these make the future look pretty hopeful. Enjoy.  

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2012 Google Science Fair

The second annual Google Science Fair is here. The science fair is a great concept from those super smart googlers to encourage a love of science among the young. The contest is world wide, anyone 13-18 years old can enter solo or in teams of two or three. . The  for this contest are amazing. […]

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Smallest Frog

World’s Smallest Vertebrate Found

Until recently the world largest and smallest vertebrates were thought to both live in the ocean, the blue whale and a fish (Paedocypris progenetica) measuring 7.9-10.3 mm. That is until biologists recording frog sounds in New Guinea discovered four new miniature species of frogs, the smallest of which measures 7.0-8.0 mm making it the smallest […]

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