Young Skeptic, Rhys Morgan, Facing Expulsion

Rhys Morgan, the 17 year old skeptic wonder, is making news again. Recently Rhys posted a drawing from the webcomic ‘Jesus and Mo’ to his Facebook page. There has been an outcry against him, followed by threats of violence, a specific threat that his house would be burned down. Now, his school is threatening to […]

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Largest Protest in History?

Today much of the internet is protesting SOPA and PIPA, proposed government legislation that would give the government the power to indiscriminately censor the internet in the name of intellectual property rights. Thousands of websites all over the web have chosen January 18th as the date they would “go dark”. The goal is to restrict […]

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Kopimism – A New Religion

A new religion has popped up in Sweden, Kopimism. Kopimism doesn’t seem to be a religion in the traditional sense, as it doesn’t lay claim to knowledge of supreme beings or mystical entities of any kind. In fact, Kopimism makes the claim that what we know about evolution is proof that Kopimism is right. Kopimism […]

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Skeptinerd Hero of the Month – Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist, 16, is a young girl from Providence, RI who recently took a stand against religion in her school and has been fighting a tidal wave of ignorance and hate ever since. Jessica has been at the forefront of a legal battle involving the ACLU and Cranston High School West over the placement of […]

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