Stephen Colbert Slams Don McLeroy

Don McLeroy is a dentist from Bryan, Texas who has served on the Texas State Board of Education. Don is a creationist, the kind that believes the earth is 6000 years old and that humans lived with dinosaurs until a magic flood killed them. It goes without saying that such a person is completely disconnected from reality and suffers from extreme scientific ignorance. So, it’s natural that such a person should have say in what is allowed in textbooks for schoolchildren, right?
The problem with this happening in Texas is that Texas orders so many textbooks that whatever they decide the curriculum should be influences textbooks all over the country. If people like Don McLeroy were to get their way we would see wildly inaccurate, anti-science textbooks popping up in states all over the country. It’s hard to imagine how a group of people who would have us take such a giant step backwards, who would attempt to cover up hundreds of years of scientific discovery, would get any attention at all. But, not only are they being heard, but they are coming frighteningly close to achieving their goals.
Somebody has got to stand up to the experts!
-Don McLeroy
Lucky for us we have Stephen Colbert, a master at taking something so enraging and making it funny. In the interview clip below he mocks the hell out of Don McLeroy with lines like, “I agree with you, science can be a personal choice.” It’s under seven minutes long and well worth you time. Enjoy.

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