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An Introduction to Human Information Processing (Part 2) – The second part of an informative article, written for JREF by Kyle Hill, about how we humans take in and process information.

Vietnam Craves Rhino Horn; Costs More Than Cocaine – Very sad and disturbing article about how Rhinos are being hunted to extinction for their horns. The horn is believed to possess special healing powers, a claim unsupported by any evidence. The rhinos are often trapped, have their horns cut from their face by chainsaw, and left to die.

How to Lose Weight – Eat Less, Exercise More – Steven Novella breaks down a bunch of weight loss studies and tells us what we already know; weight loss is about reduced calorie intake and increased calorie use.

Canada’s Newest Coin – The newest coin being minted in Canada contains a dinosaur and glows in the dark. I must get some of these.

Screen Uncovers Hidden Ingredients of Chinese Medicine – A DNA screening of an assortment of Chinese “natural” remedies shows that the ingredients listed on the package are very inaccurate, that they contain endangered animals and toxic plants.

Indian Skeptic Charged With Blasphemy – Indian skeptic, Sanal Edamaruku, debunked a weeping cross “miracle” at a church in Mumbai. He pointed out that the mysterious water was appearing through capillary action and not a miracle. The church demanded he retract his statement and apologize. When he refused they pressed charges for blasphemy and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Old Man in Nursing Home Reacts to Hearing Music – This amazing YouTube video shows an unresponsive old man in a nursing home regain alertness and the ability to communicate after hearing his favorite music.


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    It is not only the Rhinoceros but there are many endangered species in the line near to the extinction. The reason behind this – the merciless human beings!

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