This Weeks Skeptilinks of Note

To grasp a billion stars – Phil Plait writes about a sky survey resulting in one of the largest photos ever, a picture with over 150 billion pixels in it showing more than a billion stars. Those are big frakin’ numbers.

Silence is Not an Option: The Moral Necessity of the Skeptic Movement – Big Think has an interesting article arguing that it is a moral imperative for skeptics to speak up. The dangers of believing in nonsense are too great for those who know better not to say something. Interesting read.

Something From Nothing: A Conversation with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss – This is a recording of a fascinating, 2 hour long, conversation between one of the world’s greatest physicists and one of the world’s greatest biologists.

SciShow – Another really great science channel on YouTube. There are over fifty videos, each of them a short and precise explanation of a science topic.

Solve For X – A new, TED like, website for exploring big idea. The goal of the site is to showcase people who are trying to solve big problems by thinking outside the box and incorporation modern technology.

A Feathered Tyrannosauroid – Steven Novella, at NeuroLogica Blog, writes about the discovery of another feathered dinosaur in china, and it’s implications about evolution (spoiler alert! It’s just more proof). Very Interesting article. As a side note, I can think of nothing more terrifying than being chased down by a giant toothed birdsaurus.


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This Weeks Skeptilinks of Note

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