This Week’s Skeptilinks of Note

Neil Tyson’s Congressional Testimony – Neil deGrasse Tyson testifies before congress on the importance of science funding.

Is There an Autism Epidemic? – Dr. Steven Novella writes for JREF about the perceived rise in autism. Are there really more cases of autism or is there something else at work?

Tennessee’s Anti-Evolution Bill – Dr. Steven Novella, on NeuroLogica Blog, writes about Tennessee Senate Bill 893. Another sneaky attack on science education from religious fundamentalists.

Keep Religion Out of Our Secular Events? – Some writers from Skepchick blog catch religious types trying to pass themselves off as atheists at the American Atheist Convention to sneak their crazy beliefs to unsuspecting passers-by. Amy Davis Roth asks, should we actively try to keep these people out?

An Ultradeep Image That’s Full of Galaxies – Phil Plait goes in-depth about an ultradeep image (an image of a small patch of space showing objects very far away) and all the wonder it contains. 


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