Earthquake Predictions, Small Slice of the Crazy

A super earthquake is coming on the 22nd of March and, of course, it is only the beginning. Jeez, the world has been ending a lot lately…

What we have here is another nutty nutter using super-wacko-pseudoscience to make off-the-wall predictions he isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, qualified to make. Whew, had to get that out.

The offender is one Terral Croft (Real name is Terrence Lee Croft). Croft has a long history of making crazy claims and predictions that never pan out. Like many lovers of woo, Croft doesn’t limit himself to just one brand of nonsense, because when you give up the ability to think critically it’s hard to be right about anything. Croft is also a 911 “truther”, and he has set out to correct the “misunderstandings” about the Bible’s contradictions.

Croft’s prediction that an earthquake will occur on 3-22-2012, tomorrow, are based on mountains of confusion and zero evidence. For one, all of this is tied to 2012, and planet Nibiru. Croft calls Nibiru the HMO, or Heavy Mass Object. The idea here is that the HMO is a planet (or a brown dwarf, or a black dwarf, or a black hole, depending on who you ask) that is heading for earth and will cause massive, catastrophic events when it “arrives”. All of this is based on very poor critical thinking skills and there is no science to support it, a good resource for accurate info is, or the Bad Astronomy Blog.

Croft believes that he has figured out a way to predict earthquakes. He calls this the 188 day cycle, and it works like this. The earth will pass points along it’s orbital path every 188 days that put it in-line with the sun and one of three HMO’s, then, gravitational wizardry takes over and causes disturbances in the earths crust. He also thinks that there will be a shift of the earth’s axis. He predicts that this will be happening on the 22nd and that earthquake will be a 9.0 or larger (one of the “top ten” in earth’s history).

This shouldn’t really be news, but the exciting thing about it is that he made an exact prediction. It’s usually pretty hard to pin these pseudoscience people down on anything. Scammers, hoaxers, psychics, and all other woo-folk love being vague so that there is a greater chance of a prediction having a hit. It’s a rare opportunity that an exact prediction is made. When the earth doesn’t see an earthquake, within “the top ten” of it’s history, on the the 22nd, it’s going to be hard for Croft to fabricate an honest sounding reason why.

Update 3-23-2012: Brace yourselves for this one… Nothing happened. No earthquakes. I know, the crazy person is crazy, who would have thought. Joking aside, some people took this guy seriously, and they were scared, and that is not cool. So, help spread the word about these pseudoscience quacks. Tell your friends, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Now, lets see how he backpedals. I bet he tries to claim that the earthquake in Mexico on 3-21 is a hit. But, it’s not even close to what he predicted. He claimed that it would be in the top ten, that it would be 9.0 or larger, that it would be in the pacific, that it would be catastrophic. None of those things match the earthquake in Mexico and it wasn’t even on the right day. Not a hit.

Here is a video from NASA debunking many of the claims made by believers of 2012 and planet Nibiru.


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    And what about the 7.9 earthquake that hit Mexico on March 20? Just a coincidence I'm sure

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