Kidnapped for Christ: A Documentary

Below is a trailer for a new full length documentary called Kidnapped for Christ. The movie shows the horrors of an Evangelical Christian reform school called Escuela Caribe, in the Dominican Republic. The school is a “boot camp” for troubled American teens. The way “troubled” is used here is the Evangelical interpretation and encompasses behaviors such at teens getting mouthy with their parents, teens who aren’t religious enough, or teens who are simply gay.

The focus of the documentary is one such gay teen named David. Being gay is the only reason his parents chose to send him away. The method by which all these teens find themselves in the camp is the same. Each of them is kidnapped, in the middle of the night, by strangers, and taken away. They’re not told where they are going, or why. They’re not told when they will be allowed to leave, they’re not allowed communication with the outside world. Once inside the camp teens are subjected to physical and mental abuses in an attempt to “reprogram” them.

While Escuela Caribe happens to be the focus of this documentary it isn’t the only Christian abuse camp out there. There are plenty of programs just like it. All of them share the same goal, to force the psychotic religious beliefs of christian parents on children.

The documentary is still in development. It has been filmed but is currently raising funds to afford professional editing before it can be released. To donate you can visit their donation page or their IndieGoGo fundraiser page. This is a super worthy cause. This film needs to get out there so awareness can be raised about the crazy shit taking place in these camps. With any luck such awareness will be raised that legal action can be taken. It would be nice to see this camp shut down, along with all others like it. It would be really nice to see the owners of the camp, the people who worked there, and the parents who sent their children to it all arrested for child abuse and sent to prison.

There is no room in society for people who would use these tactics to force religious nonsense on the young. Help get the word out.


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